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  • Crash Investigation: FAA: President Trump has nominated a former Delta Airlines executive to lead the FAA after criticism that the agency has mishandled the response to two crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max 8 aircraft. If confirmed, Steve Dickson would fill a job that’s been open for 14 months. Read more here.

  • Crash Investigation: Boeing: An off-duty pilot hitching a ride on a Lion Air 737 Max last October saved the plane from going down by correctly diagnosing a malfunction that caused that same jetliner to crash the next day. Read more here.

  • Deadly Cyclone: At least 200 people are confirmed dead in the aftermath of a devastating cyclone that hit the southeastern African nation of Mozambique last week. That country’s president said the death toll could rise to more than 1,000. The UN’s weather agency said the cyclone could be one of the worst weather disasters to ever hit the southern hemisphere. Read more here.

  • Postpartum Drug: The FDA has approved the first treatment for postpartum depression. The drug, brexanolone, will be sold as Zulresso and given via an IV. Its effects are felt within hours. Read more here.

  • Kraft Deal: Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been offered a plea deal in his prostitution case. If he accepts he must admit he would’ve been found guilty of soliciting sex at trial. A plea would also likely mean the video evidence that allegedly shows him engaged in sex acts with a masseuse would be sealed. Read more here.

  • Billion-Dollar Beauty: No-makeup makeup brand Glossier is officially a unicorn. The cosmetics startup raised $100 million in its latest funding round, propelling its valuation to $1.2 billion. Glossier said annual revenue doubled last year to $100 million as it opened five pop-up locations across the country. Read more here.

  • Insta Shopping: Instagram is making it easier to shop without ever leaving the app. The Facebook-owned social network announced a new feature that lets users store their payment info and purchase items for sale from some retailers with a single tap. Nike, Prada, Uniqlo, and Zara are among the first retailers that will use the in-app checkout feature. Read more here.

  • Blockbuster Contract: Star outfielder Mike Trout and the L.A. Angels are reportedly dotting the I’s on a contract extension that would be the largest deal in professional sports history. The $430 million 12-year agreement would keep Trout in L.A. for the remainder of his career and is 30 percent more than the contract Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies earlier this month. Read more here.

  • Spotted: Royal Edition: A shirtless Prince Charles on a Barbados beach. This snap comes 38 years after a similar photo taken in Sydney, just months before his marriage to Princess Diana. See the pics here.

  • Spotted: Royal Edition: Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton sharing a blanket in the back of a car. See the pic here.

  • Woodstock 50: The lineup for the 50th anniversary Woodstock concert is out. Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, and The Killers are among the headliners for the three-day festival to be held Aug. 16-18 in upstate New York. See the full lineup here

  • Powerball: Tonight’s Powerball drawing is worth a whopping $550 million. If there’s a single winner who chooses the lump sum, the take-home amount would be around $335 million. Read more here.

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