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  • Immigration ー The Border: President Trump is doubling down on his closing hard-line immigration pitch to voters. He told reporters he would send up to 15,000 troops to the border ー twice the number the Pentagon has already activated. “Nobody’s coming in. We’re not allowing people to come in,” he said. The Trump campaign also released an inflammatory ad accusing Democrats of allowing murderers into the U.S. Read more here.

  • Immigration ー Birthright: Meanwhile, Trump slammed House Speaker Paul Ryan on Twitter for rejecting the president’s call to end birthright citizenship with an executive order. Ryan “knows nothing about” the issue, Trump tweeted. Read more here.

  • Water Shut-Off: The water in Mexico City has been turned off and may not be restored fully for some of the city’s nine million residents until Monday or Tuesday. People stored water for days leading up to the shut-off, which is occurring because of repairs being made to the city’s 200-mile water delivery system. Read more here.

  • Saudi Sisters: The mystery surrounding the bodies of two sisters from Saudi Arabia found duct-taped together on the banks of the Hudson River has deepened. Their mother reportedly received a call from the Saudi Embassy a day before the bodies were found, telling her that her daughters had been ordered to leave the U.S. after they’d applied for political asylum. Police have not ruled out foul play. Read more here.

  • Khashoggi Details: Turkey revealed gruesome details of what is believed to have happened to the journalist Jamal Khashoggi when he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul a month ago. The lead prosecutor said Saudi agents strangled him immediately, and then dismembered his body as part of a planned hit. Investigators believe his remains may have been dissolved in acid. Read more here.

  • Markets: Stocks ended the month of October on a high note, but were sharply down for the month. Investors are hoping the outcome of next week’s elections will bring some stability to the volatile market, which had been soaring almost uninterrupted since President Trump took office. Read more here.

  • Google Walkout: Google employees are walking out of the company’s worldwide offices at 11:10 a.m. in protest of its handling of misconduct allegations against some executives. Organizers are demanding Google make specific changes, including an end to forced arbitration and a sexual harassment transparency report. Read more here.

  • CVS ‘Prime’: CVS is testing a program that would give perks, like free delivery, to customers who pay a $5 monthly subscription. It’s part of the drugstore chain’s response to increasing competition from Amazon, which is expected to aggressively move into online prescriptions following its acquisition of digital pharmacy PillPack. Read more here.

  • Sports: The University of Maryland fired its head football coach just a day after reinstating him. DJ Durkin had been on administrative leave following the offseason death of one of his players, Jordan McNair, who collapsed from heat stroke during a team workout in May. Durkin had been allowed to resume his coaching duties on Tuesday, which led to a public outcry. Read more here.

  • Daycare ‘Fight Club: A St. Louis daycare center is being sued after teachers were caught on camera encouraging preschoolers as they pounded each other. One teacher can be seen excitedly jumping up and down. It appears the only one who tried to break up the fight was one of the kids. Watch the video.

  • Morning Show Halloween: The network show morning hosts went all out (as usual) for Halloween. The Good Morning America anchors dressed as ‘80s TV characters and the NBC crew went as movie and pop stars from the same time period. Read more here.

  • Supreme Proposal: Late Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist and retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor were once a couple while at Stanford Law ー and were open about the relationship ー but it’s now been revealed that Rehnquist had proposed to O’Connor. She turned him down. Read more here.

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