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  • California Quake: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Southern California Thursday, the region’s largest quake in two decades. The center of the tremor was about 100 miles from Los Angeles in the Searles Valley. There were reports of house fires, minor damage and gas leaks, though no serious injuries. LA Times

  • ** Trump Fourth of July:** President Trump presided over an Independence Day celebration on the National Mall that was clouded by controversy (and actual rain clouds). In a 45-minute speech, Trump delivered an uncharacteristic message of unity. Flanked by Abrams and Bradley tanks, the president praised the country’s military might and largely steered clear of partisan attacks. The White House has declined to say how much taxpayers paid for the expanded event. Wash Post

  • Iran v. Britain: Britain has seized an Iranian oil tanker for allegedly trying to take oil to Syria, which violates EU sanctions. Iran’s Foreign Ministry calls the seizure “illegal” and “unacceptable” and summoned the British ambassador following the seizure. For more.

  • Census Reversal: The Dept. of Justice is scrambling to figure out a way to include the controversial citizenship question on next year’s Census after President Trump demanded officials find a way to add it back in even after it was blocked by the Supreme Court. A federal judge gave the DOJ until 2 p.m. today to resolve the issue. UPI.

  • Republican Out: The only Republican in Congress to support the impeachment of President Trump (following the Mueller report) says he is leaving the party. In a Washington Post op-ed, Michigan’s Rep. Justin Amash says “Modern politics is trapped in a partisan death spiral, but there is an escape.” He asks Americans to join him in “rejecting the partisan loyalties.” Amash will become the only Independent in the House. For more on Amash’s decision.

  • Nexstar Blackout: More than 120 stations have gone black for AT&T U-verse and DirecTV subscribers in 97 markets amid a contract dispute. The blackout impacts CBS and FOX affiliate stations, among others. Nexstar says DIRECTV/AT&T “once again holds subscribers hostage” while AT&T says Nexstar removed the channels despite offering Nexstar “more money to keep their stations available.” USA TODAY.

  • Mad Mag: MAD magazine will no longer be on newsstands after this year. The satirical magazine, that’s been around for more than six decades, isn’t completely shutting down but will largely stop creating new content and will soon be available only at comic book stores and via subscriptions. NPR.

  • World Cup: The U.S. women’s soccer team takes on the Netherlands Sunday after the Dutch team beat Sweden, 1-0. Sunday’s game begins at 11, ET and can be seen on FOX and Telemundo. Here’s a preview: Read it.

  • NFL: Miami Dolphins player Kendrick Norton had his arm amputated after his car crashed into a concrete barrier near Miami. The defensive tackle remains in the hospital. ESPN.

  • Spotted: ...Meghan Markle at Wimbledon, where she cheered on friend Serena Williams. See Pics.

  • Hot Dog Champ: It was Joey Chestnut for the win again at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Coney Island. Chestnut downed 71 dogs in 10 minutes, giving him his twelfth win. He came shy of the record he set last year, when he ate 74 hot dogs. TODAY.

  • Leftovers: Shopping Toddler: After a toddler purchased a $400 couch on Amazon using the “1-click” option via her unknowing mother’s cell phone, the company says it will refund the money. Amazon says the woman can donate or keep the couch. CBS News.

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