These are the headlines you Need 2 Know for Thursday, January 30, 2020:
  • IMPEACHMENT TRIAL: Senate Republicans appear to be getting closer to cobbling together the 51 votes they need to block witness testimony and bring the impeachment trial to an end -- potentially as soon as tomorrow. At one point during the Q&A period, which wraps up today, Alan Dershowitz argued for the defense that a quid pro quo can’t be impeachable because the president would assume his re-election is in the country’s benefit. Legal scholars have called that argument “absurd,” “inane” and “outrageous.” AP
  • CORONAVIRUS LATEST: There are now more cases of coronavirus in China than there were cases of SARS during the 2002-03 outbreak. The good news is that coronavirus appears to be less deadly than SARS, which killed about 1 in 10 infected people (by comparison, the flu kills about 1 in 1,000). Meanwhile, Australia says it will quarantine patients on a remote island for two weeks and Amazon and some stores in the U.S. say they’re starting to sell out of face masks. New York Times
  • VANESSA BRYANT LATEST: Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, has not spoken publicly since the tragic accident that killed her husband and oldest daughter. But she has broken her social media silence, posting a gut-wrenching family photo on Instagram with a caption thanking everyone for their support: See Post
  • MOVIEPASS BANKRUPTCY: The parent company of MoviePass has filed for bankruptcy, sending the stock to zero. The unlimited movie-ticket subscription service became hugely popular a few years ago, but parent Helios & Matheson never figured out how to monetize the idea. The service was shut down last year. MarketWatch
  • SUN UP CLOSE: The world’s largest solar telescope in Hawaii has captured the most detailed high-resolution photos of the surface of the sun ever taken. The images show Texas-sized “kernels” that carry heat from the inside of the sun to the surface. See it
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