These are the headlines you Need 2 Know for Monday, March 2, 2020:
  • CORONAVIRUS: U.S: Two people died in Washington state from coronavirus over the weekend, the first confirmed deaths in the States. New cases have been reported in Rhode Island, Florida and New York, where a Manhattan woman in her 30s who had traveled to Iran is the first confirmed patient in the state. While the number of cases in the country remains low — 88 as of this morning — testing for the virus is happening at a far slower rate compared to other countries around the world. Before the announcement of the first U.S. deaths, President Trump referred to the coronavirus as a “new hoax” against his presidency, being weaponized by his enemies. NY Times
  • CORONAVIRUS: AROUND THE WORLD: South Korea continues to be the largest hot zone for cases outside of China with nearly 600 confirmed over the weekend for a total of 3,000. Cases in Italy surged 50 percent in a single day as coronavirus is fast becoming the biggest public health crisis for Italians in modern history. CNN
  • CORONAVIRUS: GATES’ TAKE: Bill Gates, whose philanthropy works on pandemic preparation, writes for the New England Journal of Medicine that the virus is starting to act like a “once-in-a-lifetime pathogen we’ve been worried about.” He says he’s worried that the relatively high apparent mortality rate and the fact that the virus is capable of killing otherwise healthy people is what’s so worrisome. Read it
  • DEM PRIMARY: STATE OF PLAY: Fresh off a resounding victory in South Carolina, Joe Biden is looking to gather last-minute momentum before tomorrow’s Super Tuesday primaries in 14 states. With 149 delegates declared so far, Bernie Sanders is in the lead with 58, followed by Biden with 50. The race is extremely tight in many states holding voting tomorrow; some pundits are now predicting that no candidate will win a majority of pledged delegates before the convention. FiveThirtyEight
  • PETE OUT: Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race after coming in a disappointing fourth in S.C. Buttigieg is the first openly gay candidate to ever win a presidential primary; his exit from the race leaves 77-year-old Joe Biden as the youngest male candidate left in the field. (Tom Steyer dropped out, too). Politico
  • PEACE IN AFGHANISTAN: THE LATEST: An historic peace deal between the United States and the Taliban hit a snag, after Afghanistan’s president publicly rejected the agreed upon timeline for prisoner swapping. The deal, signed by both sides, called for the withdrawal of American troops and allies from Afghanistan within 14 months as well as a swap of thousands of prisoners by March 10th. Afghanistan’s government has been excluded from the talks so far — and here lies the main issue. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani now says the U.S. government does not have the authority to decide when Taliban prisoners are released. Washington Post
  • PEACE IN AFGHANISTAN: WHAT NOW?: While a prisoner swap is not completely off the table, Afghan President Ghani says it will have to be established during negotiations with the Taliban which are expected to happen later this month in Oslo, Norway. A successful deal would bring the 18-year-old war in Afghanistan to an end at last. NPR
  • IN MEMORIAM: TRADER JOE Joe Coulombe, who started Trader Joe’s and turned it into one of the country’s favorite grocery stores, has died. Coulombe said in an interview once that he had the idea for a store that would cater to “overeducated and underpaid” people, full of exotic foods at affordable prices. Trader Joe was 89. Obit
  • JUDGE JUDY OFF THE DOCKET After 25 seasons on air, Judge Judy will make her final ruling on CBS. If you find yourself unable to live without her honor's slamming of the gavel, she’s already preparing a new show, Judy Justice. No word on where it will premiere. The final season of Judge Judy is set to air later this year. The Hollywood Reporter
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