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  • Immigration: Raids Delayed: ICE deportation raids that were supposed to take place across the country Sunday were delayed by President Trump at the last minute. Trump tweeted that he delayed the raids at the request of Democrats and gave Congress two weeks to find a solution to the crisis at the border. BuzzFeed reports that the operation was placed “in jeopardy” after information was leaked out of the office of the acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan. BuzzFeed News.

  • Immigration: Humanitarian Crisis: Several new reports detail increasingly abysmal conditions at child detention centers near the border. In one facility in Texas, lawyers who visited reported seeing young children caring for infants they’ve just met, toddlers in soiled pants, caked in snot and tears and without access to soap, toothpaste or toothbrushes. NY Times.

  • Iran Developments: President Trump said he will impose major new sanctions on Iran today, amid reports that the U.S. launched a cyberattack on Iranian military computers after the president backed off a military airstrike. As a result, computer systems responsible for controlling rocket and missile launches were disabled. Trump told Meet the Press that he changed his mind about that strike after learning that it would have killed 150 people, which he said was not a proportionate response to Iran’s downing of a U.S. drone. He also said he’s willing to talk to Iran without preconditions. AP.

  • Fatal Crashes: Hawaii: A skydiving plane crashed in Hawaii not long after taking off, killing all 11 people on board. Some of the victims’ family members were reportedly on the ground when the fiery crash happened and may have watched the plane go down. It’s said to be one of the worst civilian aviation disasters in Hawaii’s history. Meanwhile, there are reports the plane was involved in a scary incident three years ago, when it stalled and spun in the air, forcing skydivers to jump to safety. Hawaii News Now.

  • Fatal Crashes: New Hampshire: Seven motorcyclists were killed in a collision with a pickup truck going the opposite direction on a New Hampshire highway. Several of the victims were former Marines who were part of a New England biker group called the Jarhead Motorcycle Club. CNN.

  • Trump Assault Claim: A well-known advice columnist alleges in a new book that President Trump sexually assaulted her 23 years ago in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman. E. Jean Carroll wrote that Trump was one of several prominent men who attacked her over the years. An excerpt of the book, which details the alleged assault, was published over the weekend by New York magazine. Trump denied the allegations and said he never even met Carroll, despite a photo published in the magazine showing the two together. The Cut.

  • Record Lotto Payout: North Carolina’s lottery had a record payout after about 2,000 players won a Pick 4 game with the winning numbers 0-0-0-0. An estimated 1,000 people who purchased $1 tickets win $5,000 each while another 1,000 who purchased 50 cent tickets win $2,500. NBC News.

  • Vegas Merger: Eldorado Resorts will reportedly announce today that it’s buying the struggling casino giant Caesars for about $8.7 billion. The combined company will be a serious competitor to Las Vegas Sands, Wynn and MGM Grand. Reuters.

  • Flying Taxis: Attendees of the 2024 Olympics in Paris may have a unique way of getting from the airport to the city: flying taxis. The city is reportedly looking into the use of autonomous flying taxis, which could take off from Charles de Gaulle Airport as frequently as every six minutes and cut down the travel time, which is about an hour by train or bus. Engadget.

  • Big Papi: Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is on the mend. Ortiz’s wife says Big Papi has been moved out of the ICU at Massachusetts General and “remains in good condition.” He is recovering after being shot while at a bar in the Dominican Republic, an attack police say was a case of mistaken identity. Boston Globe.

  • Box Office: Toy Story 4 was number one at the box office over the weekend -- but brought in less than anticipated. The animated film is estimated to have raked in $118 million; Disney had hoped for a $140-million opening weekend. CNN Business.

  • Spotted: Singer Halsey with unshaven armpits appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone. See pic.

  • One Clean Cat: A Minnesota feline gives credence to the expression “cats have nine lives” after surviving a full cycle in his owner’s washing machine. One-year-old Felix miraculously survived the “warm wash, cold rinse” cycle, but temporarily lost his vision and contracted pneumonia. Felix was discovered after the wash was finished, when his owner noticed the clothes were still sopping wet, and then saw his paw as she was about to shut the door of the machine. CNN.

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