These are the headlines you Need 2 Know for Tuesday, February 4, 2020:
  • IOWA CAUCUSES: THE LATEST: We still don’t know the results from the Iowa caucuses, after a major technical breakdown led to a problem with reported delegate totals. The Iowa Democratic Party says it expects to release results later today. Meanwhile, most of the candidates have already packed up and are headed for New Hampshire, which holds its primary a week from today. Des Moines Register
  • IOWA CAUCUSES: WHAT HAPPENED?: According to multiple reports, an app that county officials were using to tabulate votes was not working properly. The official response from the state Democratic Party is that there was a “reporting issue” that was not a result of either an app failure or a hack. Politico
  • STATE OF THE UNION PREVIEW: President Trump will deliver his third State of the Union address in the House tonight, on the eve of his expected acquittal in the Senate. The White House says the theme of the speech is “The Great American Comeback,” and will represent a preview of the president’s re-election messaging. The Washington Post
  • CORONAVIRUS: Macau, the biggest gambling city in the world, is closing all casinos for two weeks in response to the coronavirus outbreak. A man in Hong Kong has died from the virus, adding to pressure for the city to shut its borders with mainland China. Quartz
  • RUSH LIMBAUGH CANCER: Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says he has advanced lung cancer. Limbaugh made the announcement on his radio show, telling listeners he would likely miss time on his program in order to undergo treatment. Washington Examiner
  • LEFTOVERS: GRITTY CLEARED: Police in Philadelphia have closed their investigation into an allegation that Flyers mascot Gritty — or, at least, the guy in the Gritty costume — punched a 13-year-old boy in the back during a fan event in November. The police acknowledged that an incident took place but said it didn’t constitute physical assault. CBS Philly
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