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  • Iran Escalation: Strikes: President Trump authorized military strikes against targets in Iran and then called them off at the 11th hour. The New York Times reported the president had initially approved limited airstrikes against missile batteries and radar facilities but then cancelled them while “planes were in the air.” Earlier, Trump surmised that someone in Iran “loose and stupid” made a “big mistake” by shooting down an American surveillance drone. Both countries dispute where, exactly, that drone was flying. NY Times.

  • Iran Escalation: Flights: The FAA has banned U.S.airlines from flying over some Iran-controlled airspace amid the tensions in the region. The NOTAM (notice to airmen) alert is in effect for airspace located over the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. Reuters.

  • Navy Seal Trail Stunner: In a stunning turn of events, a government witness testifying at the war crimes trial of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher -- who is accused of killing a 17-year-old ISIS prisoner -- admitted on the stand that he, in fact, killed the young man. Corey Scott, a fellow Navy SEAL who was given immunity to testify against his former superior, said he asphyxiated the teen after Gallagher had stabbed him because he knew he’d wind up being tortured. NPR.

  • Return of Roy More: Roy Moore is once again running for. Senate. The former Alabama judge lost his 2017 Senate bid after several women accused him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers decades ago. President Trump, who endorsed Moore two years ago, tweeted last month that Moore “cannot win” and the consequences of him losing again would be “devastating” for the GOP. When asked what he would do differently in his campaign, Moore said: “I would like to make more personal contact with people.” NBC News.

  • Summer Forecast: Today is the first day of summer -- and if you live on the East Coast, prepare for a hot one. According to the Weather Channel’s seasonal outlook, the entire eastern seaboard is likely to see above average temperatures through September, along with the Pacific Northwest and northern California. The middle of the country is expected to be slightly cooler than normal, while the rest of the continental U.S. is looking at average temps. See map.

  • Text Neck: For the first time, researchers have linked changes in human skeletal development to the prevalence of smartphone use. Biomechanic researchers in Australia have documented examples of young people developing horn-like bone spurs at the back of their necks caused by the forward tilt of the head, which shifts weight from the spine to the muscles in the neck. They say it’s due -- at least in part -- to people spending so much time looking at handheld screens that the activity is now contorting human posture. Wash Post.

  • Apple Recall: If you own a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a retina display, pay attention: Apple is recalling 2015 models sold between September 2015 and February 2017 due to a risk of the batteries catching fire. If eligible, Apple will replace the battery for free. You can submit your serial number to see if your computer is included in the recall: Here.

  • Sports: World Cup: The U.S. women’s team continued its dominance of the World Cup, beating Sweden 2-0 to advance to the Round of 16. The Americans will face off against Spain on Monday. ESPN.

  • Sports: NBA Draft: As expected, Duke’s Zion Williamson was drafted first overall by the New Orleans Pelicans. No. 2 Ja Morant went to the Memphis Grizzlies, while the N.Y. Knicks took RJ Barrett for the third pick. CBS Sports.

  • Obamas in Italy: The former first family is visiting George and Amal Clooney at their villa in Lake Como this weekend. As a result, the idyllic Italian city is on virtual lockdown, with a 300-foot exclusion zone around the Clooney compound. Those who defy it will face fines of about $565. Daily Mail.

  • Where in the World is Matt Lauer?: When the Today show aired a 25th anniversary look-back, its second-longest-serving anchor was conspicuously absent. Matt Lauer, who was fired from the show two years ago amid sexual misconduct allegations, was nowhere to be seen in the five-minute tribute. Also missing from the montage: Ann Curry, who left the show under far different circumstances. Hollywood Reporter.

  • Freddie Unearthed: It sat in the vaults for more than 30 years, and now Queen fans can see a never-before released video of Freddie Mercury singing Time Waits For No One. Universal Music released the video, which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in 1986. Watch.

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