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  • Hong Kong Protests: Demonstrations in Hong Kong are turning violent as protesters pushed toward the city’s Legislative Council building, where that controversial extradition bill was to be debated. Riot police shot tear gas into crowds of people who were hurling bricks and bottles at the entrance to the main complex. Police told protesters to disband or they “might regret” it. A vote on that bill, which allows China to extradite anyone to the mainland to face trial, is set for next week. CNN.

  • Stewart on the Hill: A furious Jon Stewart eviscerated members of Congress for failing to ensure the Victim Compensation Fund (or VCF) for 9/11 victims doesn’t run out of money. Stewart, a longtime champion for 9/11 first responders, pointed to a row of empty chairs in a hearing room and called it “an embarrassment to the country and a stain on this institution” that so few lawmakers appeared for the scheduled hearing. Watch.

  • Biden v. Trump: The president and the Democratic frontrunner for president crossed paths in Iowa, trading barbs along the way. President Trump stayed mostly focused on touting his administration’s record at a fundraiser in Des Moines, while Joe Biden called Trump an “existential threat” from a rally in Davenport. Earlier in the day, Trump described Biden as “mentally weak.” Biden leads Trump by 13 points nationally in the latest Quinnipiac poll. Des Moines Register.

  • HIV Insurance: People with private insurance will now be able to receive the HIV prevention medication known as PrEP at no cost. The medicine received an ‘A’ recommendation from a crucial healthcare panel, meaning under the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers must cover it free of charge for policy holders. CNBC.

  • Salad Frosting: Kraft is now selling ‘salad frosting’ -- but don’t be fooled. The colorful bottle may look like it contains frosting but really contains ranch dressing, in a ploy to get kids to eat it. CNN.

  • Facebook Deepfake: A deepfake --- a video generated by a computer that looks nearly identical to the real thing -- of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will remain on Instagram. The manipulated video of a robotic-sounding Zuckerberg is purportedly a test of Facebook’s (the parent company of Instagram) policies after a fake video of Nancy Pelosi was allowed to remain online but was de-prioritized. An Instagram spokesperson says if the Zuckeberg video is marked as false by third-party fact-checkers it will be filtered from recommendation surfaces. Motherboard.

  • World Cup: The U.S. Women’s soccer team humiliated Thailand 13-0 in its opening match -- scoring the most goals ever in a World Cup game and generating controversy that the team ran up the score unnecessarily. The win comes amid a fight for another victory: the women’s national team continues to fight with the U.S. governing body over equal pay. Buzzfeed News.

  • Big Papi Update: Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was airlifted from the Dominican Republic to Boston where he underwent a second surgery following an apparent ambush shooting. He is said to be resting comfortably at Mass General as police in the D.R. arrested a second suspect in the attack. Boston Globe.

  • ’Frozen’ Trailer: The first full trailer for Frozen 2 is out, revealing bits and pieces of the plot of the sequel to the Disney blockbuster. The film hits theaters this Thanksgiving. Watch.

  • O.J. is ‘Fine’: It was 25 years ago today that Nicole Brown Simpson and Rob Goldman were brutally murdered, putting into motion a series of events that transformed O.J. Simpson from NFL Hall of Famer to the most famous murder suspect in the world. In a rare interview, Simpson says his “life is fine” and he prefers not to relive the “worst day of our lives.” AP.

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