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  • Mueller on the Hill: Testimony: Robert Mueller spent seven hours taking questions from lawmakers yesterday, but didn't go much further than what was in his report about Russian interference in the 2016 election. The former special counsel said the president was "generally untruthful" in his written responses to questions, that the investigation was not a "witch hunt," and that Russia's interference in the election is one of the biggest threats to democracy he's seen — and that it's still happening "as we sit here." Wash Post.

  • Mueller on the Hill: Takeaways: There were no big moments or soundbites that some Democrats had hoped for as Mueller appeared shaky and forgetful during much of the hours-long testimony. He said that a Justice Dept. policy prohibited him from considering whether to indict President Trump, though he could be indicted after he leaves office, and confirmed that the report did not exonerate Trump. More.

  • Mueller on the Hill: Reaction: President Trump called the hearings a "devastating" day for Democrats, said Mueller did a "horrible" job, and declared himself vindicated. CNN.

  • Rossello Resigns: The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, is resigning. He made the announcement via Facebook, which prompted protesters to celebrate. His resignation is effective August 2 and Secretary of Justice Wanda Vázquez will be the island's next governor — though protesters are already calling for her to resign with the hashtag #WandaRenuncia trending on Twitter. Rosselló's involvement in a text message scandal had sparked mass calls for his ouster. CBS News.

  • Climate Change: A pair of new studies, both in peer-reviewed journals, laid out evidence that the current temperature rise is happening faster, and in more places, than any warming period over the last 2,000 years. That undercuts an argument by some climate skeptics that climate change is not the result of human activity. NBC News.

  • Disgraced Financiers: Epstein: Jeffrey Epstein was found injured and lying in a fetal position in his jail cell in Manhattan. Police reportedly don't know if the accused sex-trafficker had attempted suicide or had been attacked by another inmate. NBC NY.

  • Disgraced Financiers: Madoff: Bernie Madoff, the 81-year-old former investment advisor serving a 150-year prison sentence for orchestrating the largest ponzi scheme in U.S. history, has filed a petition asking that President Trump reduce or commute his sentence. It's unknown if the president will consider the request. Madoff is not asking for a pardon. CNBC.

  • Implant Recall: The breast implant manufacturer Allergan has issued a global recall for textured implants over concerns they could cause a rare form of cancer. Textured models account for just 5 percent of all implants in the U.S. and the FDA does not recommend that women who have the Biocell implants get them removed unless they are experiencing health problems. Hundreds of thousands of women have the recalled implants. CBS News.

  • Facebook Settlement: Facebook officially agreed, as expected, to pay a $5 billion fine to the government stemming from an investigation into its data-sharing practices. It is the largest fine ever imposed on a tech company and the largest privacy-related fine ever. As part of the settlement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be forced to "certify" every quarter that Facebook is complying with new privacy stipulations. On the same day, Facebook revealed it was also the target of a separate FTC antitrust investigation. Cheddar.

  • Sports: Record Shattered: A 19-year-old swimmer from Hungary has beaten Michael Phelps' record in the 200-meter butterfly, which he had held for nearly two decades. Kristof Milak clocked 1:50.73 — 0.78 seconds faster than Phelps. USA Today.

  • Hathaway Baby: Anne Hathaway is pregnant with her second child. The actress announced the news on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself and writing about her struggles to conceive: "for everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know that it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies." See post.

  • Faye Fired: Actress Faye Dunaway has reportedly been fired from the Boston play "Tea at Five" for slapping a crew member — and throwing things at them — leading them to fear for their safety. A performance of the Broadway-bound play was canceled earlier this month just before showtime as a result of the incident, which is said to have happened as crew members were attempting to put on her wig. NY Post.

  • Spotted: Rihanna's doppelgänger. The singer shared a photo of a girl who looks strikingly similar to herself. Her caption: "almost drop my phone. how?" See it.

  • Heartwarming Photo: A photo of a toddler and a soccer player — each missing a forearm — is going viral. Carson Pickett, a player for the Orlando Pride, is seen bumping elbows with 2-year-old Joseph Tidd at a recent game. See it.

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