These are the headlines you Need 2 Know for Monday, February 10, 2020:
  • OSCARS: WINNERS & LOSERS: Parasite won the Academy Award for Best Picture, the first foreign-language film to ever win the top honor. Bong Joon Ho won for Best Director. The top acting awards went to Joaquin Phoenix for Joker and Renée Zellweger for Judy. Brad Pitt won his first acting Oscar for supporting actor in Once Upon a Hollywood. Netflix had a bad night, with The Irishman getting shut out completely, though Laura Dern picked up the award for Supporting Actress for her role in Marriage Story. Full list
  • OSCARS: THE SHOW: The Academy spread the love around, making for a lively and relatively diverse three-and-a-half hour show. Janelle Monáe highlighted the films that were snubbed this year in a raucous opening number. Later in the broadcast, Eminem did a surprise performance of Lose Yourself, 17 years after it won for Best Original Song. One of the highlights of the show was Bong Joon Ho’s reactions to the Parasite wins, which quickly became memes. The Ringer
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: All eyes are on New Hampshire this week, where most of the Democratic presidential candidates are currently pressing the flesh before tomorrow’s primary. Bernie Sanders is the favorite to win, though Pete Buttigieg has been gaining on him since Iowa. Anxiety over who is best to take on President Trump is at an all-time high, with a majority of N.H. Democrats in a recent poll saying they’d prefer a meteor to extinguish all human life over a second Trump term. The Hill
  • ‘FRIDAY NIGHT MASSACRE’: President Trump late on Friday abruptly fired two witnesses at the center of the impeachment hearings: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman of the National Security Council and Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the EU. Vindman worked in the White House and was escorted out of the building. His twin brother who also worked at the NSC was fired, too. Both Vindmans will be reassigned, according to their lawyers. Politico
  • CORONAVIRUS: The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in China has now eclipsed the SARS toll, with 97 people dying in a single day. The cruise ship quarantined in Japan saw cases skyrocket, leading to questions over whether it’s best to keep the passengers on the ship. Meanwhile, Li Wenliang, the doctor who first warned of the virus, then contracted it, and died, has become the face of Chinese anger toward the government over its response to the outbreak. Quartz
  • SPOTTED, OSCARS EDITION… ...Margot Robbie in Chanel, Charlize Theron in Dior, and Saoirse Ronan in a gown made from the fabric of a gown she wore to another awards show last weekend. Here’s a look at the best looks from the red carpet: CNN
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