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  • Trump in UK: Protests: President Trump and outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May are meeting this morning,as protesters turn out in force for a major demonstration that is expected to bring central London to a standstill. A huge balloon depicting the president as a baby in a diaper is currently flying over Parliament Square. Last night, protesters projected an image onto the side of the Tower of London comparing Trump’s UK approval rating to that of President Obama’s. Live Updates.

  • Trump in UK: State Dinner: The President, First Lady and Trump’s four adult children dressed to the nines for an official state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth. Prince William and Duchess Kate were also in attendance, though Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were absent. See pics.

  • Trump in UK: Khan Responds: London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a video directed at Trump that the president’s values and what he stands for “are the complete opposite of London’s values and the values in this country.” The video comes after Trump lashed out at Khan, claiming the mayor had been “foolishly ‘nasty’” to him. Watch.

  • Tech Regulation: Tech stocks got walloped following several reports that federal regulators and lawmakers are ramping up antitrust investigations into the biggest names in Silicon Valley. The Justice Department and FTC are reportedly divvying up oversight of Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. Combined, those companies lost $160 billion in market cap Monday -- more than the value of McDonald’s. Meanwhile, the House is launching a bipartisan probe to investigate whether Big Tech has amassed too much power. NY Times.

  • Quest Hacked: Quest Diagnostics says up to 12 million patients may have had their personal and medical information exposed in a hack of a collections agency that works on behalf of Quest and UnitedHealth. A hacker reportedly had access to private patient data for eight months before the breach was discovered. Quest says lab results were not affected. Bloomberg.

  • College Admissions Scandal: It appears lawyers for some of the defendants in the college admissions scandal will argue the money allegedly paid as bribes was actually for charity. Some lawyers reportedly believe a trial is inevitable at this point, indicating plea deals are off the table. NBC News.

  • Amazon Shipping: Amazon Prime members can now get free overnight shipping on more than 10 million items, the company announced. Amazon is rolling out the new shipping perk nationwide as it faces increased competition from Walmart, Target and other retailers that have heavily invested in delivery logistics. CNBC.

  • Apple Announcements: As expected, Apple announced it is officially killing off iTunes -- arguably one of the most influential software programs in history -- in favor of separate apps for music, video and podcasts. Apple also revealed new privacy upgrades to iOS, a new operating system specifically for the iPad, and its new Mac Pro desktop computer, which many immediately panned on social media for resembling a giant cheese grater. Cheddar.

  • Burger Bonanza: Awesome Burger: Nestle is getting on the alternative meat trend with the plant-based ‘Awesome Burger’ -- which the company claims is healthier than its rivals. The burger purportedly contains more fiber than competitors made by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, and is made with yellow peas and wheat. It will his stores and restaurants later this year. Engadget.

  • Burger Bonanza: Pancake Burger: Not to be outdone, IHOP is adding new (meat-based) burgers to its menu -- including the “Big IHOP Pancake” which is a burger with a pancake smack in the middle of two beef patties. See it.

  • Billion-Dollar Rapper: Jay-Z is the first hip-hop artist to reach billionaire status. Forbes tallies the Brooklyn rapper’s fortune at a conservative $1 billion, making him among the few entertainers in the club. Jay-Z’s holdings include a stake in Uber for which he paid $2 million in 2013. After the IPO, that investment is now worth $70 million. Forbes.

  • ’Magic’ on Netflix: The directing duo behind Avengers: Endgame will bring an animated series based on the long-running trading card game Magic: The Gathering to Netflix. Joe and Anthony Russo will helm the series as part of Netflix’s new partnership with the toy giant Hasbro. CNet.

  • Jeopardy! James: Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for an end to Japanese dress codes that mandate women wear high heels to work. The campaign is called “#KuToo” and has nearly 20,000 supporters. BBC.

  • High Heels: Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for an end to Japanese dress codes that mandate women wear high heels to work. The campaign is called “#KuToo” and has nearly 20,000 supporters. BBC.

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