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  • Hurricane Dorian: Track: Hurricane Dorian will begin moving north toward the southeast coast of the U.S. today as a Category 3 storm. It will be a threat from south Florida to Virginia this week. The “cone of uncertainty” is unusually large and it remains unclear where, or if, Dorian will make landfall. If it moves parallel to the coast, storm surge will be the biggest threat to coastal communities. Millions are currently under mandatory evacuation orders in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Live Updates.
  • Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas Devastation: Dorian came to a virtual crawl over the northwest Bahamas, pummeling the islands for a second straight day. At one point Monday, the storm was moving at just 1 mph with 185+ mph winds. At least five people have died and many are believed to be trapped. Social media videos show homes with roofs shorn off and entire neighborhoods under water. See the damage
  • Deadly Boat Fire: At least 25 people were killed and nine are still missing after a 75-foot charter dive boat burst into flames off Santa Cruz Island, California. The passengers were on a scuba diving trip and were sleeping below deck at the time. Five crew members survived after jumping off the boat. A man can be heard on the mayday call screaming, “I can’t breathe!” CBS Los Angeles
  • Texas Shooting Latest: The man who killed seven people across 15 miles of West Texas had been fired from his job hours before he opened fire following a traffic stop — though police have not said that was necessarily a motive for the rampage. The shooter had a prior misdemeanor arrest, but that would not have stopped him from legally purchasing an assault rifle in Texas. The Texas attack brought the total number of people who died in mass shootings in the U.S. in the month of August to 53. NPR
  • Brexit: Parliament reconvenes today for the first time since Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would suspend the body ahead of the looming Brexit deadline of Oct. 31. Johnson faces a showdown with members of Parliament who are trying to stop a “no-deal” Brexit as time runs out. This week will be critical in determining if a deal can be reached with the EU on the terms of the divorce. BBC
  • Tariffs: A new round of tariffs on Chinese goods went into effect over the holiday weekend, as did retaliatory tariffs on American exports to China. But unlike the last two rounds, these new tariffs target consumer goods, meaning prices on items like laptops and shoes are likely to go up. The majority of the new tariffs will happen after Dec. 15. Here’s a list of things to buy before that date: Forbes
  • Jonas Brothers Hospital Surprise: A Pennsylvania teenager got the shock of a lifetime after she posted to Instagram about how bummed she was that she had to miss the Jonas Brothers concert while she was undergoing chemotherapy. Lily Jordan’s post went viral and made its way to the band, who made a pit stop before the show to visit her in her hospital room. See it
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