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  • Trump Doubles Down: The four freshmen congresswomen whom President Trump told to “go back” to their countries appeared together on Capitol Hill to denounce the president’s attack. Rep. Ilhan Omar, who the president accused of sympathizing with al Qaeda, said that “the agenda of white nationalists” has “reached the White House garden.” Earlier, the president did not back off those tweets that have drawn widespread condemnation as being racist, including from some a handful of Republicans. CNN.

  • Asylum Rule: The Trump administration is enacting a rule that would drastically limit the ability of migrants from Central America to claim asylum in the U.S. Migrants who don’t first try to claim asylum in another country they pass through on the way to the U.S. will now be denied asylum here. The rule is expected to be challenged. NY Times.

  • Alzheimer’s Progress: Scientists are getting closer to having a blood test that can accurately predict signs of Alzheimer’s disease. At a conference on Monday, scientists revealed that one test appears to be 88 percent accurate for detecting risk of the disease. The results are said to be “very promising.” NBC News.

  • Epstein Update: A judge says he’ll rule Thursday on whether or not financier Jeffrey Epstein will be freed on bail. Two of his accusers faced Epstein in court Monday, asking a judge to keep him behind bars and not allow him to stay in his multimillion dollar mansion on house arrest. Meanwhile prosecutors revealed that an expired foreign passport with Epstein’s photo and a fake name along with piles of cash and diamonds were discovered in a safe in his home. AP News.

  • Ebola Spread: Health officials have confirmed the first case of the Ebola virus in eastern Congo, near its border with Rwanda. The DRC is in the midst of its second-worst Ebola outbreak in recent years, with more than 2,500 infected and 1,600 dead. The World Health Organization is warning that the spread of Ebola to the city of Goma could be a “game changer” in the epidemic because the virus is now approaching major population centers. CBC.

  • Turing on the British Pound: There will be a new face on Britain’s most valuable bank note. Alan Turing, the WWII code breaker who was castrated for being gay and is widely considered to be one of the founders of modern computer science, will be featured on the Bank of England’s £50 bill. Turing was given a royal pardon in 2013 for his 1952 conviction of “gross indecency,” which came after he invented a machine to help the Allies decipher German codes and win the war. BBC.

  • Prime Day Protest: Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota walked out during the first day of the company’s two-day sales event. It’s the first major strike of U.S. Amazon employees on Prime Day, which concludes tonight. Amazon is expected to bring in as much as $5.8 billion globally from the sale this year, according to a research firm. CNBC.

  • Anchor Debut: Norah O’ Donnell has taken the helm of CBS Evening News. The former CBS This Morning co-host kicked off her new role Monday night. She ended the broadcast with a quote from journalist Edward R. Murrow, who said, “There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance, and indifference. This weapon of television could be useful.” O’Donnell pledged to try and “use it well” and with “integrity.” Deadline.

  • Spotted: Ariana Grande clothed in Givenchy, as part of a new campaign. See pic.

  • Spotted: Kylie Jenner modeling a Chanel string bikini that’s older than she is. See pic.

  • Blackout Timelapse: A filmmaker shooting a time-lapse of the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey was in the right place at the right time, catching Saturday’s blackout as it happened, and then as the lights came back on: See it.

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