These are the headlines you Need 2 Know for Friday, March 6, 2020:
  • ELIZABETH WARREN DROPS OUT: Senator Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race for president. While the Massachusetts senator was unsuccessful in her bid for the White House, she effectively pushed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg out of the race after confronting him in his debate debut. Warren, who was the one-time frontrunner in the volatile race, says she has not decided who to endorse, if anyone. New York Times
  • CORONAVIRUS: THE LATEST: Worldwide cases have passed the 100,000 milestone with 215 cases in the U.S. In New York state, at least 22 people are confirmed to be infected. Washington State is reporting 13 deaths and is now in a state of emergency along with California and Maryland. Health officials say coronavirus has reached the point of community spread, with many of the new patients showing no high-risk travel history. The number of new cases across the country could stall following Vice President Pence’s announcement that there are not enough test kits available. NBC News
  • CORONAVIRUS: MARKETS PLUNGE: Markets began tanking at the open Friday. It is the latest on what has been a roller coaster ride, with the S&P plunging another 3 percent Thursday, led by airline and industrial stocks. Investors are having a hard time grappling with the inability to predict the economic fallout from the coronavirus contagion. If the Dow ends negative today, it’ll be the longest streak of Friday losses in 14 years. MarketWatch
  • JPMORGAN CEO EMERGENCY HEART SURGERY: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is recovering following emergency surgery to repair a tear in his aorta. Doctors discovered the tear after Dimon woke up with chest pain and went to the hospital. JPMorgan co-presidents Daniel Pinto and Gordon Smith will head the company while he recovers. CNBC
  • VACATION IN SPACE Axiom Space has partnered with SpaceX to launch a 10-day space vacation on the International Space Station. Right now, only three lucky private citizens will have the chance to live alongside astronauts on the ISS. Tickets for the exploration cost around $55 million and one seat is already booked. The trip is set to launch in late 2021. The Verge
  • HIGH-SPEED TRAIN DERAILMENT IN FRANCE: More than 20 people were injured in a high speed train derailment in France. The train was going 170 m.p.h when it struck a collapsed embankment and jumped the tracks. Fortunately, no passengers were killed in the accident but the train’s driver was evacuated from the crash site by helicopter in serious condition. AP
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