The U.S. military is leading an investigation into a leak of Pentagon server emails. Tech crunch has reported that the documents were unclassified, and the Special Operations Command is now looking into a possible issue with its cloud service. The leak was first flagged by a cyber security researcher. The government said it does not have reason to believe its information systems were hacked.
A train carrying coal derailed in Nebraska on Tuesday, according to Union Pacific Railroad. The 31 cars derailed in Gothenburg a little before two in the morning. Union Pacific tweeted there was "no hazmats involved" in the response. There are no reported injuries or deaths. 
as of now. It still isn't clear what caused the derailment. The incident marks the second major train derailment this month, after 38 cars derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. 
Lawmakers are looking into thousands of food chemicals that have flown under the FDA's radar for decades. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill. is introducing legislation to ban certain chemicals in U.S.-produced foods that have already been prohibited in other countries. Some of the additives have been linked to many diseases, including cancer. Schakowsky said companies are able to skip FDA reviews by claiming the products are quote "generally considered safe."
WNBA star Brittney Griner is returning to the court again. The athlete officially re-signed to the Phoenix Mercury for one year. The team's season starts in may. In December, Griner was released from Russia where she was being held on drug charges. The U.S. was able to secure her release in a prisoner swap with a Russian arms dealer.