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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Wednesday, January 5, 2022:


Move over Omicron and "Flurona": France has reported a new variant named “IHU,” which may harbor as many as 46 mutations. The variant has so far infected 12 patients in southeastern France, with the first linked to a fully-vaccinated person who had just traveled from Cameroon. IHU is currently being monitored to assess how infectious or dangerous it could be. INDEPENDENT UK 


A battle between teachers and the mayor of Chicago means students are getting a surprise day off today. The teacher's union voted to switch to online learning due to record COVID-19 cases, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot is against the plan. Parents are still waiting to hear how their kids will be learning in the days ahead. Other cities including Cleveland, Milwaukee and Atlanta have switched to remote learning. NY TIMES


4.5 million workers voluntarily left their jobs in November, the highest number on record. While much focus has been on white-collar workers, in what is being heralded as “The Great Resignation,” the Labor Department found many of the quits were reported in the hotel and restaurant sectors, which tend to offer lower pay. The lagging report showed a rebound in the job market, although it's unclear how the post-Thanksgiving Omicron surge has affected these industries. AP


Former President Donald Trump has canceled a press conference he had scheduled for January 6, exactly one year after supporters stormed the Capitol while Congress was certifying the results of the 2020 election. Trump says he's bowing out of this year's planned event because of the House Select Committee's “total bias and dishonesty” in the insurrection investigation. Fear not - Trump still plans to share his thoughts during a press conference coming up on January 15. AXIOS


Rescuers in Virginia spent all day Tuesday trying to dig out hundreds of drivers stranded on I-95. Monday's winter storm brought traffic to a stop and everyone stuck on an icy 40-mile stretch of highway had to hunker down for the night in frigid temperatures. Among the weary travelers: Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who was on his way to Capitol Hill to work on voting rights. The Virginia Department of Transportation said everyone was cleared from the highway by Tuesday night and miraculously no serious injuries or deaths were reported. CBS NEWS


The Washington Football Team will reveal its permanent new name on February 2. The team finally dropped the name "Redskins" in 2020 after years of critics complaining it was offensive. Now the social media crowd is trying to guess whether we'll be cheering for the Armada, Presidents, Commanders, or something else next. ESPN


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg convinced AT&T and Verizon to briefly postpone their 5G rollouts over worries that the new wireless service could interfere with plane safety. The airline industry says its concerned 5G, which relies on radio signals, could cause problems with pilot communications. Both companies had planned to launch the service today, but will now delay for two weeks, following Buttigieg’s call. CHEDDAR NEWS


Global sports retailer Fanatics has acquired Topps, the granddaddy of trading cards, in a $500 million deal that includes the famed collectables arm. All 350 Topps employees will shift over to Fanatics Trading Cards, with the brand already beginning its manufacturing and distribution process. Fanatics will get an immediate boost in the industry as is acquires lucrative deals Topps has with major sports leagues like Formula 1 and Major League Soccer. ESPN


CHRIS EVANS: Captain America is about to show his range as he plays Gene Kelly in a yet-to-be-titled film. DEADLINE

SOCIAL SNUB: After Miley Cyrus co-hosted a New Year’s Eve special with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian apparently unfollowed her on Instagram. PAGE SIX


It's January 5 - how is your New Year's resolution doing? If you need help sticking to your goal for more than a few days, the answer might be right in the palm of your hand. Wired put together this handy dandy list of apps that can help resolved users to do anything from running to meditation. WIRED
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