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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Friday, January 7, 2022:

SNOWY 2022

The snow just keeps on coming. The East Coast is bracing for its second winter storm in five days in what could be the first bomb cyclone of 2022. Buffalo was hit with at least 14 inches of snow yesterday, while Nashville was pummeled with several inches as well. It's good news for ski resorts at least, after several in states like West Virginia had to close recently due to mild temperatures. USA TODAY
The least 2022 could do is give us some nice weather. 


Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being summoned to court virtually today after a prosecutor requested his fondling case be dropped just days before his arraignment. The district attorney said he would not be able to prove the groping allegations made by the former aide due to the state's statutory laws. Cuomo’s lawyer has since argued a motion to dismiss the misdemeanor charge entirely. AP


Pope Francis, who is celibate, called couples "selfish" if they opt to own pets rather than have kids, and said that while it may be a risk for some to birth children, it’s “even more risky” not to. This isn’t the first time the pope has shamed people for owning pets, either. In 2014, he said having pets rather than children was “another phenomenon of cultural degradation.” PEOPLE
Remind us how many children the Pope has?


Peter Bogdanovich died on Thursday at the age of 82 after complications from Parkinson’s disease. The Oscar-nominated writer, director and actor, known for his wide horn-rimmed glasses, was prominent in a number of Hollywood films and series, ranging from The Last Picture Show to The Sopranos. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have officially cut star wide receiver Antonio Brown from their roster. The move comes after Brown ripped off his jersey and stormed off the field mid-game on Sunday. Even though he's been officially cut, the battle is still brewing with Brown accusing the team of forcing him to play while injured, but the team claiming he was just mad that he wasn't getting enough action on the field. In addition to getting canned, Brown is also losing $2 million in incentives. ESPN
We’ll take that $2 million in incentives off your hands.  


Calling all Taco Bell fanatics! The fast-food chain is launching the Taco Lovers' Pass which will let users get a taco every day for 30 days for just $10. Once they're paid up, customers will be able to access a secret menu in the app to order from a selection of fan favorites including a Crunchy Taco Supreme or Doritos Locos Taco. THE VERGE
Pepto Bismol is co-sponsoring the promotion. 


HOUSING AID: Just as the Omicron outbreak is hitting fever pitch, multiple states including New York, New Jersey and Texas are halting federal rental assistance earlier than anticipated because the funds have run out of money. For about a year families struggling due to the pandemic had been eligible to get up to 18 months of rent covered. CNBC

MARDI GRAS: Mardi Gras season is officially underway in New Orleans after a hiatus last year, but the throngs of revelers will notice some changes amid the latest Covid outbreak. Riders and performers in the city's infamous over-the-top parades will be required to show proof of vaccination and/or a negative test and face masks will be required. NOLA.COM
We’ll throw you some beads if you show us your vaccine card. 


Two former investment executives from Japan pleaded guilty in Las Vegas to wire fraud in a $1.5 billion dollar Ponzi case that affected 10,000 people. Junzo Suzuki and son Paul Suzuki scammed thousands of investors who thought they were buying claims from a medical collection business from 2009 to 2013. Both face five years in prison. AP
Five years?​​​​​​​


…Charlize Theron shares a glimpse into her life as she posts a sweet moment with her daughter. SEE THE PIC

…the trailer for Backlight starring Liam Neeson as a government agent who uncovers a deadly conspiracy. WATCH
Let’s just call it what it is, Taken Part 4. 


A Georgia auto repair shop owner who thought he got the last laugh by paying a former employee in 90,000 oiled pennies, which were dumped on the guy's driveway, wasn't able to slip away that easily. The angry ex-employee filed a complaint with the Department of Labor and now the boss is facing a lawsuit for $37,000 in back wages and damages. LEDGER-ENQUIRER
The lawsuit is seeking 3.7 million pennies. 


One thing we love: Snow days are back in a big way this week for a lot of kids, with students swapping remote school for snowball fights.

One thing we hate: All of those sad former Christmas trees piled up on the curb post-New Years.

One thing we ate: That first White Claw of the year to protest Dry January. 
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