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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Wednesday, April 13, 2022:


Police overnight continued to search for the gunman who in a gas mask and a construction vest set off a smoke canister before shooting at least 10 people on a rush-hour subway in Brooklyn yesterday morning. Investigators identified Frank R. James, 62, as a person of interest though they cautioned it has not been determined if he was the triggerman. Five for the 10 gunshot victims are in critical condition but expected to survive, and at least a dozen others were injured in the attack that began on a train pulling into a station in the Sunset Park neighborhood. AP


“GENOCIDE”: President Biden now says Russia is committing “genocide” in Ukraine. U.S. officials previously had avoided using the term that describes an operation to eliminate a specific group of people. The escalation of Biden’s rhetoric came during an event in Menlo, Iowa, where he linked Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the soaring food and gasoline prices in the U.S. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin says the Ukraine peace talks have reached an “impasse,” ending the hope of any imminent end to hostilities. THE WASHINGTON POST

MORE: Fighting in eastern Ukraine is expected to intensify as Russia deploys mass amounts of equipment and personnel to the region. Also, the U.S. and two other countries are investigating an unverified claim that Russia used a chemical that may have sickened a handful of people in Mariupol; Ukraine has denied a visit from Germany’s president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who has long been tied to Moscow officials; and telecommunications company Nokia, whose equipment provides internet service to much of Russia, said it is exiting the country because of the invasion. FOX NEWS

What took you so long, Nokia?


New York Lt. Gov. Brian A. Benjamin resigned as the state's second-in-command, hours after federal prosecutors indicted him on campaign finance fraud charges. Benjamin allegedly received campaign contributions from a real estate developer in exchange for using his influence as a then-state senator to acquire a $50,000 grant for a nonprofit organization the developer controlled. Benjamin faces charges including bribery, fraud, conspiracy and falsification of records. The alleged crimes took place during Benjamin’s failed bid for New York City comptroller. His resignation is effective immediately. AP

If you’ve never been indicted you’re doing politics wrong.


“Partygate” has resurfaced. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be fined by police for attending parties on government premises that took place during a lockdown imposed by, guess who, Boris Johnson. He is the country’s first sitting prime minister to be sanctioned for breaking the law. U.K.’s finance minister, as well as Johnson’s wife, will also be fined for attending the parties. The fine itself isn’t major, but it could be the first domino to fall in ousting the prime minister, potentially triggering British lawmakers to force a no-confidence vote on Johnson. NY TIMES

Nothing teaches a wealthy politician a lesson like a minor fine.


Congress did a deep dive into the finances of the NFL’s Washington Commanders, concluding that the franchise broke multiple laws. A House Committee found that the Commanders failed to refund security deposits, concealed revenue to increase its own profits, and kept two sets of financial books. Controversy is the norm for Washington’s NFL team: The franchise is also in the midst of an FTC investigation for fostering a toxic workplace, and the team dealt with a long-term dispute over its former nickname, the Redskins. FRONT OFFICE SPORTS

If you’re gonna commit fraud, at least have a good football team.


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to begin monetizing the company's Horizon Worlds metaverse. The tech billionaire said creators will be able to sell virtual assets to other players for a profit, similar to in-game marketplaces like Roblox and Axie Infinity. Zuckerberg will get his piece of the pie, though: Meta is taking a 25% cut of each transaction, on top of a 30% transaction fee in Meta’s Quest store, where it sells products for its apps. And we know what you’re thinking: Are Zuck Bucks the currency in this metaverse? Though recent reports said Meta was looking into launching the virtual coins, there’s no word on Zuck Bucks being incorporated into the marketplace in Horizon Worlds. CHEDDAR

Ah yes, another universe where I can be taxed.


SPOTIFY LIVE ARRIVES: Spotify Greenroom is being rebranded as Spotify Live. Offered both as a standalone app and as part of Spotify’s main app, users can participate in group audio conversations with up to 1,000 people, similar to live audio platform competitors like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Among the celebrities slated to host shows on the platform are podcaster Alex Cooper and comedian Hasan Minhaj. VARIETY

Admit it, you Googled Alex Cooper.

SNAPCHAT IN ON NEWS: Publishers like CNN, ESPN and The Washington Post can now post news to Snapchat the second it’s published online. For in-real-time breaking news updates, Snapchatters can head to the Discover tab, tap on a publisher’s Snap story, and see the headline before deciding if they want to read the full story. AXIOS

Because 12-year-olds love the Washington Post.


Honda announced it is investing approximately $64 billion on research and development of electric vehicles in the next decade. The Japanese automaker laid out an ambitious plan to roll out 30 new EV models by 2030, including two SUVs and a mini car. Honda hopes to produce more than 2 million EVs annually. As the race to the top of the electric vehicle market heats up, rival automakers Toyota and Volkswagen have each put up around $35 billion on EV production. YAHOO FINANCE


…Britney Spears is having a baby with fiancé Sam Asghari! She struck a pose on Instagram to show off her baby bump. INSTAGRAM

…Details about how Ben Afflack proposed to J.Lo (again). Popping the question in the bath? It may not be for everyone, but it works for her! DETAILS


Comedian Gilbert Gottfried died Tuesday after a long battle with muscular dystrophy. He was 67. The Brooklyn-born comedian was known for originality, crude humor and, of course, his iconic screechy voice. Gottfried was often described as a comedian’s comedian for his blue-collar persona. He started performing stand-up comedy at age 15, later being cast on “Saturday Night Live” before embarking on a highly successful career in show business that spanned decades, including roles on-screen and as a voice actor. Gottfried is survived by his wife and two children. VARIETY


"We really supplement needs, and we provide a hot, high-protein burger in places where no one else can. So it's not really here to replace the lunch rush. It's here to just get you a burger at convenient locations when you need it." 

— RoboBurger CEO Audley Wilson on robots making — and delivering — burgers in less than 7 minutes
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