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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Monday, March 14, 2022:


The White House has announced that it is stepping up military support to Ukraine with an additional $200 million in arms and equipment, but Russia said convoys carrying supplies are "legitimate targets." Other NATO members continue to weigh how much military assistance to provide Ukraine, given its non-NATO Status. NY TIMES


Street battles erupted in the suburbs of Kyiv as Russian forces pressed closer to the capital. Russia escalated its bombardment of Ukrainian cities and towns, including a series of missile strikes on a base near the Polish border, edging the war closer to the rest of Europe. American journalist and filmmaker Brent Renaud is reported to have died in the conflict; TIME Studios says he was working in the region in recent weeks covering the global refugee crisis. As if all of this were not enough, the WHO is warning the war could lead to a new surge in COVID cases in Ukraine as testing halts and unsanitary conditions grow. CNN


Normal trade relations with Russia could soon be coming to an end. President Joe Biden announced plans to strip Russia of its "most favored nation" trade status and ban imports of luxury goods such as vodka, diamonds, and seafood. The move requires Congressional approval, but legislation is expected to pass quickly sometime this week. Ending Russia's favored nation status is a major blow to global economic cooperation under the World Trade Organization, which requires equal tariff and regulatory treatment between members. WSJ

As long as this doesn’t affect the $1 menu at fast-food restaurants, we’re okay.


INSTAGRAM: Starting today, Russia will cut off access to Instagram in response to parent company Meta's decision to allow posts calling for violence against Russian soldiers. Meta said the policy only holds in certain countries, including Ukraine, and must pertain to the war. It also said it would not tolerate "Russophobia" on its platforms. THE VERGE

TIKTOK: In another testament to social media's powerful role in shaping public perception of the war, the Biden administration last week briefed 30 TikTok influencers on the situation in Ukraine. The briefing was an effort to combat misinformation and Russian propaganda, as the wildly popular video-sharing app has become a key source of information on the war around the world. WASH POST

If we’re relying on TikTok influencers to make sense of things we’re in more trouble than we thought.


OBAMA: Former President Barack Obama told the Twitterverse that he has tested positive for Covid. Aside form a scratchy throat, he said he's feeling fine. So far the former first lady does not appear to have the virus. THE TWEET

SHENZHEN: China's industrial heart, Shenzhen, is shutting down amid a surge in Covid cases. While outbreaks in other parts of Asia such as Hong Kong and South Korea are far worse at the moment, China continues to pursue a "zero-Covid" strategy that uses swift lockdowns, travel restrictions, and mass testing to suss out the infected and stop transmission. The approach has helped keep the virus at bay, but it's also brought large parts of China's economy to a screeching halt several times during the pandemic. Given Shenzhen's role as a major exporter of goods, the shutdown is expected to exacerbate global supply chain issues. AP

Zero-COVID has zero-chance.


Just last week, ride-hailing drivers complained that higher gas prices were eating into their wages. Now Uber is adding a surcharge on fares to help reduce the burden on drivers. The fee will range from $0.45 to $0.55 per trip, but could vary based on distances and local gas prices. The intervention from Uber comes as states, including Maryland, Georgia, and Illinois, explore suspending or cutting their gas tax to ease the pain at the pump for U.S. drivers. NBC


TOM BRADY: Retirement didn't stick for the NFL's GOAT. Tom Brady announced his triumphant return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers less than two months after announcing his retirement. This will be Brady's 23rd season as QB. ESPN

BASEBALL: After Major League Baseball’s 99-day labor lockout ended last Thursday, the preseason officially kicked off Sunday with the opening of the MLB training camps. There was also a flurry of drafts as teams scramble to pick up unsigned players before the season begins April 7. AP

OLYMPICS: Finally, China's nearly six-week run hosting international sporting events ended Sunday with the closing of the Paralympics. The next time the Olympics return to Asia will be 2030. AP


Rihanna has already made the leap from chart-topping pop star to retail royalty with her cosmetics and lingerie brand Savage X Fenty. Now the entrepreneurial singer is eyeing Wall Street for her next big move. According to a report from Bloomberg, Savage X Fenty is exploring taking the company public later this year for $3 billion. If the IPO does go ahead, it would come as the online-first brand expands its brick-and-mortar footprint. BLOOMBERG

Now THAT’S savage.


Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson made it Instagram official over the weekend. For the first time since rumors of their involvement first hit tabloids, Kardashian posted two pictures showing them together. The posts dropped just days after a Los Angeles court declared Kardashian legally single — a process that was severely delayed due to resistance from ex-husband Kanye West. The romantic reveal hits the internet a month before the premiere of the Kardashian clan's new Hulu series. CNN


The U.S. government is reportedly spending more than $2 million per month to provide 24-hour security to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a top aide. All high-level government officials get some protection for 180 days after leaving office, but Pompeo got an extension due to what a report to Congress called “serious and credible” threats from the Iranian government. For context, Pompeo led the Trump administration's efforts to put "maximum pressure" on the country, which included scrapping a nuclear deal that the Biden administration is now trying to revive. ABC

You Don't See That Every Day

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