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  • First Transgender Candidate for Governor: Vermont has made history by selecting Christine Hallquist, a transgender woman, to be the Democratic nominee for governor. This is the first time in the U.S. a transgender person has been nominated by a major party for governor. For more on Hallquist's politics, click here.

  • Pennsylvania Reports on Church Sex Abuse: A grand jury report found that hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses molested more than 1,000 children over decades ー and senior church officials systematically covered it up. The Pennsylvania attorney general says the dioceses kept "secret archives" documenting the widespread sexual abuse. Read the story, here.

  • Twitter Suspends Alex Jones: The far-right conspiracy theorist and creator of Infowars has been banned from tweeting and can't produce content on the social platform for seven days. Jones's page won't be taken down, but he can't post, retweet, or favorite others' tweets. Twitter said that Jones violated its rules when he posted a link to a video that called for supporters to get their “battle rifles” ready to use against the news media and other critics. Last week, Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube took down some of Jones's content. For more, click here.

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders Apologizes for Jobs Claim: The White House Press Secretary said Tuesday that President Trump created three times as many jobs for African-American workers during his time in office than President Obama did in two full terms. Bloomberg News fact- checked her statement with Labor Department data, showing Sanders's claim was way off. She later tweeted a correction and apologized for the inaccurate statistic, but defended the administration for creating 700,000 jobs for African-Americans. For more on the jobs figures, click here.

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