Netflix Continues to Win

January 23, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Netflix beats Q4 earnings estimates, reporting revenue of $3.29 billion and an additional 8 million subscribers. Jeff Reeves, analyst and executive editor at, and Tuna Amobi, media and entertainment analyst at CFRA Research, join The Long and The Short to discuss future challenges facing Netflix.

Contrary to what Wall Street thought, Netflix isn't burning through a lot of cash. Reeves says this proves Netflix's decision to raise prices was worth it. However, he predicts that it may continue to raise prices to have that extra cash cushion. Disney's new streaming network could be a big challenge for Netflix. However, Amobi doesn't think Netflix needs to worry about Disney for a while. While there is no question that competition is coming, Amobi doesn't predict Netflix will lose market share anytime soon.

Plus, in 2017 the average streaming hours per membership grew by 9% year-over-year. Amobi and Reeves discuss the company's future marketing plan and how it will capitalize off international growth.