Mike Reyes, Contributor for CinemaBlend, discusses Netflix's second installment of the hit show "Stranger Things." We kick-off the interview with the question on everyone's mind: is there justice for Barb? Reyes notes that he has mostly gotten through the season and, so far, hasn't seen any real justice for Barb. But there is a lot of guilt, regret, and emotion about the fate of the character from last season. The beginning of the season chronicles Barb's parents opening a private investigation into the disappearance of their daughter. Some reviews are saying that Season 2 started off a bit slow but kicked into high gear towards the end of the season. Reyes disagrees, adding that he felt more invested in the beginning of this season than he did at the start of season one. We talk about Eleven's character and how this season keeps her pretty separated from the rest of the cast, detailing more of her personal story and background. Reyes also weighs in on the importance of "Stranger Things" to Netflix as a whole and how this show is in fact the streaming service's "series of the moment."