Nevada Democrats Offer ‘Virtual Caucus’ for 2020

July 15, 2019

By Spencer Feingold

Nevada's 2020 Democratic caucus is still over eight months away, but party organizers are wasting no time in their efforts to draw the broadest possible swath of the constituency into the process.

"We think this contest is going to be really competitive here," Shelby Wiltz, the state's 2020 caucus director, told Cheddar. "We have a really diverse state, and Nevadans are really reflective of what the electorate across the country is going to look like in 2020."

Like Iowa and a handful of other states, Nevada Democrats elect their presidential nominee through a caucus, which entails voters gathering to openly debate and decide on a candidate. This process differs from a primary — used in the majority of states — where voters simply cast a ballot and leave.

Yet the Silver State now offers multiple options for caucusing to ensure a high turnout. Aside from participating on caucus day, voters now have the option to make their voices heard through a four-day early caucus period or by participating in a virtual caucus, which will allow residents to phone-in their preferred candidates.

It is "an option for folks who may have a disability, folk who are homebound due to illness, single parents, or parents in general who are busy and taking care of their kids and may not have time to come to the caucus," Wiltz said.

The phone option will be available to the roughly 667,000 Nevada Democrats in English, Spanish, and Tagalog.

"Folks are eager to get involved, they are eager to come out and vote," Wiltz added. "We have really strong prospects for the future."

The actual in-person caucus is set for February 22, 2020; the date for the Republican Nevada caucus has not yet been announced.

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