Have you ever been out at a concert or bar and watched in panic as your phone's battery life continued to dip dangerously low? Next time, maybe you'll find a charger, or better, a CHRGR. CHRGR is an external battery for your phone that is credit card thin, and can be found at many festivals and bars. The key difference with this external charger is the branding. CHRGR works with businesses for out-of-the-home marketing opportunities. Different businesses can brand their own CHRGR, and stock them at bars and events. John Mullin, Founder & CEO of CHRGR, and Bradley Saveth, EVP of Business Development for CHRGR, join Cheddar to explain why brands are excited to work with their company. With high-use rates and re-charging lives that can last as long as 9 months, this advertising opportunity can stay with a user for months on end. Now you know to look for CHRGRs when you're out this weekend!