Every industry under the sun has had to adapt to our increasingly digital world. While there are still plenty of people buying physical copies of CDs, DVDs and books, there are plenty of people choosing to go for Spotify, a digital copy of a movie or an e-book. The same is true for comics. Digital comics on a host of apps have become a go-to for plenty of comic fans, with Marvel fans flocking to the new service Marvel Unlimited. Up to this point, it's been a one-stop shop for thousands of marvel comics, but now marvel unlimited is getting its own exclusive series. The latest addition is "Kushala: ghost rider," a new eight-issue miniseries following a new-ish magic wielding Aapache woman taking on the mantle of the classic flaming-skull character Ghost Rider. And - it's designed to be experienced through marvel unlimited on a smart phone. "Ghost Rider: Kushala" writers Taboo and B. Earl join None of the Above to discuss the new format and hero.