By Brian Henry

President Trump's tweets just don't hit like they used to. According to new data from CrowdTangle, a social monitoring platform, the president's interaction rate has taken a nosedive since the month he was elected. What exactly does that mean?

"Interaction rate is the retweets plus likes per tweet, divided by the size of his following," Neal Rothschild, associate director of growth at Axios, told Cheddar.

"If you look at total interactions, that has actually grown over the course of his presidency, but it hasn't grown commensurate with the size of his following," he said regarding the methodology. "So, that has led to his interaction rate pretty steadily declining since he took office all the way to this month, which is on pace to be the lowest interaction rate month so far for him on Twitter."

Could it be related to the Twitter "bot" purge we've seen of late? Rothschild says no.

"You would have seen more of a steep kind of comedown in his interaction rate," Rothschild explained.

"We've also seen that Twitter has emphasized the removal of bots. It's important to note that bot presence would affect both the numerator of that interaction rate metric, as well as the denominator. The fact that we haven't seen any kind of stark changes, it's been a pretty steady decline, bot impact doesn't seem to be too impactful in that number."

Rothschild said there are three factors contributing to the drop in the president's interaction rate.

"One is the fact that he's tweeting a lot more. He used to be around 150 tweets per month. Now he's up around 280 per month, this May being his biggest month ever of his presidency, as far as volume. When you're tweeting a lot, every message just gets a little more diluted."

Another factor to keep in mind is that President Trump has gained Twitter followers over the course of his presidency.

"His following has continued to grow. As the denominator, that will mean that you have to generate just as many interactions to grow in line with that."

The third point, according to Rothschild, "is the fact that he's repeating these same messages."

According to CrowdTangle, since April 1st the president has Tweeted "no collusion" 54 times. The phrases "no obstruction" and "witch hunt" were tweeted 30 and 20 times.

"The tweets aren't as impactful because we've seen it before." Rothschild said. "We had this phenomenon at the start of this presidency that every line of attack was new and novel and made you kind of gasp. People are becoming used to it and the shock value has worn off."

There's a crowded field of Democrats hoping to take the White House in 2020, and it remains to be seen if any of them can maintain the same level of interest on Twitter.

"I think you have a singular kind of use of Twitter, the way that Donald Trump has used it, that you're not going to get from any of the other candidates," Rothschild said. "They'll certainly vary with how effective they'll actually be on it, kind of with how well their personality matches with the platform and how authentic they can be."

So who is standing out?

"From the numbers we've looked at from CrowdTangle: Elizabeth Warren."

Rothschild told Cheddar that the Massachusetts senator's account "has generated the most interaction since April 1st out of any of the 22 candidates that are running for president."

"Even though she only has the sixth most followers for that account. That shows she's having some success, she's hitting above her weight."

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