By Christian Smith

Streaming has taken the fitness industry by storm ー and FightCamp is among the latest services to bring the energy of an exercise class to users' living rooms.

FightCamp is a new fitness company that streams boxing classes from top instructors direct to consumers. The classes can be tailored to the needs of boxers at all levels of expertise ー from newbies to punching pros said co-founder Tommy Duquette.

"For people coming in with zero experience, we have workouts that will walk them through the technique and teach them how to box," Duquette told Cheddar.

The FightCamp kit retails for $995, which includes a punching bag, gloves, hand wraps, and an exercise mat. The monthly class subscription costs $39 per month.

FightCamp currently offers over 200 workouts in its library and adds about four new workouts per week. With six trainers, Duquette said FightCamp is able to focus its programming and ensure that every workout maintains a high level of quality.

"Because we're not opening gyms all across the country, it really allows us to centralize that talent and get the best talent and bring it directly into the home," Duquette said.

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