New Jobs Database Looks to Fill Vacancies ー in Space

September 20, 2019

Space Angels wants to send you to the stars and put you straight to work. The venture capital firm, which focuses on early-stage investments in the space economy, is launching a new talent database with over 2,900 gigs in the growing industry.

"As investors, I think it's really important to hone in on what you do and the value you provide to the portfolio companies you invest in," explained Chad Anderson, CEO of Space Angels. "For us, talent has been a key piece of that."

There are plenty of upsides working with a company like SpaceX or Blue Origin, besides, you know, space. The median base salary for a U.S.-based space job is nearly $86,000, which is more than 40 percent higher than the median household income. And even though the average U.S. space salary is lower than the average U.S. tech salary, space jobs are more broadly distributed across the states in lower cost cities. But for potential employees, the CEO says the draw to these companies is the mission at hand.

"Jobs-seekers are really in tune to the brand," Anderson explained. "They want to work with companies that have a purpose and mission."

Some of those companies are better than others when it comes to stating its case.

"SpaceX does a great job," Anderson pointed out. "Their brand is synonymous with innovation."

While the majority of today's space jobs are in sectors like engineering, manufacturing, and software development, future jobs will see a shift towards things like tourism and robotics. What may seem like science fiction today is tomorrow's reality, according to Anderson.

"The jobs of the future are going to be global internet, fighting climate change, and taking humanity to Mars."

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