PepsiCo is breaking into new territory with the launch of Driftwell, created to help consumers relax and get some beauty sleep.
"Driftwell is designed for anyone who just can't seem to shut down their mind at the end of the day, and it helps them with that relaxation moment because of the L-theanine in the product — 200 mg — which helps consumers relax," Emily Silver, vice president of innovation and capabilities at PepsiCo Beverages North America, told Cheddar on Tuesday.
PepsiCo notes in a fact sheet for Driftwell that 55 percent of Americans experience high stress throughout the day, with 45 percent reporting they lie awake at night because of said stress.
The coronavirus pandemic has become a significant source of stress worldwide, which creates a unique opportunity for a product like Driftwell.
"I think now is the perfect time to launch," Silver said. "We plan to put this online in [the fourth quarter] and get that out there to consumers who are looking for it now more than ever given the pandemic and everything that's going on."
PepsiCo's arguably most well-known drink remains Pepsi, which contains caffeine. However, Silver said PepsiCo has been "a total beverage company" for decades.
"A good portion of our portfolio contains caffeine, which is a need that many consumers are looking for, and then they're also looking for the unwind," Silver said. "So this helps build out our portfolio and build out this emerging category helping consumers unwind at the end of the day."
Silver said Driftwell's concept came from an internal competition to source ideas from associates worldwide. It was the winning pick out of more than 6,000 submissions.
Driftwell will be available online in December and in select brick and mortar retailers in early 2021.