By Jacqueline Corba

In Netflix's new series "Cooking on High" the not-so-secret ingredient on the menu is weed.

"It's not your typical brownies and cookies. This is real food that chefs are battling," host Josh Leyva said in an interview on Cheddar's CannaBiz.

On the show, which premiered this summer, chefs are tasked with preparing marijuana-infused dishes for a panel of celebrity judges.

"I'm an experimental chef, I like to play around with things as I go," chef Brady Farmer, who competed on the series, told Cheddar.

Farmer, who started cooking with cannabis more than a decade ago, said he avoids letting the weed dominate his food or detract from the flavor.

"It needs to shine, the food is the star," he said.

Still, the effects come in play when the judges rate the dishes.

"We do this thing called the THC Timeout, where we just let the weed do what it does," Levya said.

For viewers, though, smoking is completely optional ー but it can't hurt.

"You want to have that feeling when you are going into it, but then you want to be in awe because this is gourmet!" Farmer said.

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