Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith joins Cheddar to discuss the latest NFL news. He reacts to Cam Newton's comments, and subsequent apology, that a female reporter asking about routes was "funny." Smith says the comment was not appropriate but that the apology was real. He hopes the reporter and women around the world will accept Newton at his word. Smith's former team, the Dallas Cowboys, and owner Jerry Jones took a knee before the anthem during the game against the Rams last weekend. Smith, who won the Super Bowl three times with the team, says it was a "beautiful thing." He says the team met about the decision to kneel and made the decision collectively. He also takes offense to people who say football players should just stick with football and not get involved in politics or human rights issues. Plus, Smith's thoughts on CTE. He's very concerned about the brain damage in players and doesn't think this issue is going away anytime soon. In addition, Emmit Smith talks to us about his partnership with Michelin and National Teen Driver Safety Week. He explains why he would never get into a self-driving car.