Another week of NFL action, another brutal week of headlines for commissioner Roger Goodell. ESPN reported that Goodell is asking for a nearly $50 million salary, in addition to a private jet, and lifetime health insurance from the league. FHM's Nick Dimengo joins Cheddar to discuss how the players are reacting to the report. Dimengo says the player response has been mixed. NaVorro Bowman of the Oakland Raiders said Goodell's requests are a "slap in the face" to the players suiting up week in and week out. On the other hand, Tom Brady said he doesn't think he has any business weighing in on Goodell's salary. Then, we discuss reports suggesting countries that failed to qualify for the World Cup are considering making a new tournament of their own. Dimengo says he doesn't think it's likely, adding, "It's all about money." He says teams like the United States, Netherlands, and Italy had their chance to make the games in Russia, and have to face the consequences.