Nike hopes its newest running shoe will help athletes improve their performance, and the company’s vice president of running footwear credits the way the sneaker is manufactured with helping achieve that goal.

“We use computational design, which is informing this pattern that you see on the midsole and outsole, so that’s called our fluid geometry” said Brett Holts in an interview with Cheddar. “What this allows us to do is iterate much quicker.”

“We can take thousands of data inputs from elite athletes, every day runners, our research lab. We can put all those inputs into a computer program, and it spits out an algorithm that gives us this fluid geometry.”

But the competition is heating up. Last year Adidas, which touts its own BOOST technology, overtook Nike’s Michael Jordan-fronted line as the #2 brand in U.S. sports footwear.

Holts, though, isn’t intimidated.

“We feel like [competition] continues to push us, continues to keep us sharp,” he said.

The Nike Epic React Flyknit will be available on February 22 and cost $150.

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