Addison O'Dea, writer and director of the new virtual reality show "Discovery TRVLR," discussed how his team used VR on the series.

The show takes "travelers" across the globe with help from a virtual reality headset.

O'Dea discusses the impact the technology has on the art of filmmaking and how immersive the experience becomes for both the subject and the viewer.

He calls a virtual reality camera a "truth machine" adding that it forces him as a director to almost take a backseat in the process because it captures things as they happen.

He shared the process of casting for the show, as each episode follows a different person with a specific role in their community. The characters are labeled in the series as "explorers," "guru," and "entertainer," depending on their occupation.

O'Dea talks the future of VR when it comes to making media and his current focus on using the medium in upcoming projects.