A new law that was passed in California last year could change how much people pay for electricity each month. The proposed changes will be based on how much money people make and not on their monthly electricity usage. It requires utility regulators to come up with a plan for charging customers income-based rates. The proposed charges mean people making under $28,000 per year to pay between $15 to $24. People making up to $69,000 would pay between $20 to 30 dollars, and those making more than $180,000 would pay between $92 to $128. 
Apple has finally corrected its auto-correct issue in its upcoming iPhone software update. Users have long been annoyed while typing out a common curse word we all know and seeing it autocorrected to "duck," leaving them to repeatedly correct the word. In the new iPhone update, which will arrive later this year, text features will be "more accurate than ever."