CES is just a few short weeks away, and while the tech industry gets ready to show off its most cutting edge innovations, Olya Ischukova is getting ready to put her most tech-savvy models to work there. Ischukova is the CEO of Models in Tech, a talent staffing agency where models are more than just pretty faces.

Models in Tech sends attractive, intelligent "brand ambassadors" to tech events in 10 cities. Ischukova works with 250 contractors to staff tech events where they can set up and demo technology, answer question about the product, and even develop leads for sales teams. Potential models must either have a college degree or be enrolled in college.

Ischukova also responds to a recent Bloomberg article about Silicon Valley companies reportedly hiring models to attend company parties. "I think it's really sad that they hire models to entertain the guests," she says. She explains that her company focuses on business conferences and marketing activations--not parties--which is what sets it apart.