Nutrition Expert Joy Bauer's Three Golden Rules to Snacks

December 5, 2017
Updated 6mo ago

Snack food company Nourish Snacks originally launched back in 2014. But now, it is new and improved, featuring five new flavors of granola "bits." The company is the brainchild of Today Show nutrition expert Joy Bauer.

Nourish Snacks Founder Joy Bauer's three golden rules to snacks are: it shouldn't be more than 200 calories, it should contain wholesome ingredients, and it should be delicious. Cheddar Anchors Brad Smith and Tim Stenovec put the product to a taste test.

In the crowded snack food space, Bauer says her Nourish snacks stand out with eye-catching packaging, and by not being "punishingly healthy." By combining the best of both worlds, Bauer says these snacks are "nourishing indulgences."