New York. America’s largest city. Here is how a mostly unseen network of infrastructure systems works in unison to keep the city breathing. 
Season 1 Episode Guide
What NYC Does With 12,000 Tons Of Trash Produced Every Day
Many things come to mind when thinking about New York, but how the city deals with its garbage is usually not one of them. Here is how the city hauls away its trash. 
How NYC Airports Handle More Than 3,000 Flights Per Day
New York has one of the busiest airspaces in the world Here is how New York's airports have evolved to handle 140 million passengers each year.
Where Does NYC’s 1.3 Billion Gallons Of Human Waste Go?
New Yorkers create, on average, 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater per day that makes its way through 7,500 miles of pipes that make up the city's sewer system. 
How NYC Fights Off An Estimated 2,000,000 Rats 
New York is known as one of the rattiest cities in America with an estimated population of close to 2 million rodents. Here is how New York City rats out its rodents. 
Why NYC Produces 27 Billion Pounds Of Steam Per Year
Many don't know it, but New York is a city that runs on steam. It's one of the few cities that relies on this old technology to heat some of its most famous buildings. 
How NYC Maintains Its Iconic, Aging Bridges
New York has some of the most iconic bridges. These engineering marvels have helped set the tone for how bridges around the world are designed. 
How NYC’s Revolutionary Water System Distributes 1 Billion Gallons Of Water A Day
Getting water from upstate reservoirs to the taps of over 8.5 million people in New York City is no easy feat. 
How NYC Lights Up More Than 1,000,000 Buildings
Keeping the lights on in New York City is no easy task and as New York moves towards a greener future how we generate electricity will have to evolve. 
The Hidden Ways Parks Keep NYC Breathing
New York City might be known as the concrete jungle, but its nearly 30,000 acres of park space have been an ever-present part of this bustling metropolis. 
The Rise And Fall Of NYC’s Yellow Cab
The yellow taxi cab is the quintessential New York City ride. But today the threat of ride-share apps and city scandal has left cab drivers to face devastating debt.
Season 2 Episode Guide
Secrets Of The Empire State Building
The nearly century-old Empire State Building is an intricate ecosystem that has undergone a complete modernization project to carry it through the 21st century.
How New York Rebuilt The World Trade Center
Rebuilding the World Trade Center was the most significant project in New York history, one with no shortage of challenges. 
Why There Are So Many Pigeons in New York
Pigeons and New Yorkers go back centuries. Like most New York City relationships…it's complicated. Some adore them while others just can't stand them. 
The Challenge Of Skyscraper Construction In The Most Crowded City In America
Building a skyscraper in New York City comes with its own particular set of challenges that the city's builders are particularly well-trained to face. 
How New York Feeds Its 8.8 Million Residents
New York has the best food, and most of it comes from Hunts Point Distribution Center. From here,  4.5 billion pounds of food makes its way to the New Yorkers’ stomachs each day? year?.
Inside The FDNY, The Largest Fire Department In The U.S.
Fueled by a mixture of preparation, coordination, and bravery, The New York City Fire Department makes it safer for New Yorkers to be New Yorkers.
The Hidden Side Of Grand Central Terminal
New York is the heart of America’s train system.  At its center? Grand Central Terminal, whose Beaux-Arts style attracts both tourists and commuters alike.
The Growing Challenge Facing New York's Ports
New York’s Harbor is as large as it is complex, home to six container terminals that move millions of pounds of cargo every day.  
How NYC Manages The Most Congested Streets In America
NYC might be the city of public transit, but its roads are just as important. Each day, the city plays host to an intricate dance of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. 
How Much Does New York Actually Recycle?
New York has a whole lot of trash, but half of it is recyclable. While New York might not be the best at it, its recycling system is state of the art.