It's no secret to New Yorkers that the NYC subway system is in crisis mode, with delays and disruptions plaguing commuters. The New York Times did an investigative report to dig deep into the issue and uncover why the system has been such a disappointment. Brian M. Rosenthal, Metro Investigative Reporter at The New York Times and Author of the report titled "How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York's Subways", was with us to break down what he found. It was not one single event that sent the NYC subway system into disarray, Rosenthal says. The downfall was a result of a number of poor financial decisions and politically motivated moves. The investigation revealed that politicians stripped a combined $1.5 billion from the MTA by repeatedly diverting tax revenues designated for the subways and demanding excessive compensation for financial advice. Another key issue is the derailment of the MTA's financials. A steep decline in cash paired with a heavy burden of debt has weighed down the subway system. The New York Times points out that nearly 17% of the MTA's budget goes to pay down debt. On top of that, soaring salaries have hurt its ability to fix the maintenance issues facing commuters.