Cheddar continues its partnership with the Museum of American Finance with our "Why Wall Street Matters" CEO Series. This month's feature is Tom Farley, President of the New York Stock Exchange. Tom sits down with Cheddar hosts Kori Hale and Tim Stenovec to talk about the correlation between the history of the stock exchange and the founding of America. Thirty years ago today, Wall Street experienced its worst day ever, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping more than 22 percent. NYSE President Tom Farley's takeaway: pullbacks will always happen, so be prepared. Tom talks about the evolution of the stock exchange, noting technology has resulted in fewer employees on the floor over the years. However, as floor traffic has lessened, media's presence on the floor has only increased. He also discusses the variation in guests who ring the bell. Farley adds how much fun it is to work at the NYSE, because on any day you can see anyone from the president of one of America's oldest banks to a celebrity like DJ Khaled. Farley talks about how exciting it is to see the quality of life go up in America because of free enterprise, which is what makes him so excited to work at the NSYE.