The current political environment has given the women of "Orange Is the New Black" an opportunity to bond.

Actress Beth Dover, who plays Linda Ferguson on the hit Netflix show, says many cast members even marched together at the Women's March last year following Donald Trump's inauguration.

"Not only do we work together on set but we are friends off set, and activists, and it's been really inspiring to be a part of," Dover told Cheddar.

After the 2016 election, Dover says she really found her voice as an activist, even though she's never considered herself a political person. She credits part of that to having a baby. Now, the actress supports a number of political organizations like Planned Parenthood.

"I just feel so connected to the political climate right now and I just feel like I need to have my voice heard. We all need to have our voices heard because change needs to happen," Dover said.

Filming is now underway for season six of the show, and while Dover didn't give us any big hints about what's in store, you can expect her character to play a large role next season. The show will continue the conversation around privatized prisons, a storyline that's intertwined with Dover's character.

Dover says she feels fortunate to work with women from so many different backgrounds. "Orange Is the New Black" features stories from women of all different ages, ethnicities, and walks of life, confronting stereotypes head-on.

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