OKCupid Gives New Meaning to "DTF"

February 8, 2018

OKCupid is giving new meaning to the phrase "DTF" in its first-ever advertising campaign. Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Hobley joins Cheddar to discuss why she thinks dating deserves better, and what the company is doing about it. The platform is using the acronym to convey that the search for a potential partner should be about more than sex.

Hobley reveals how she thinks the national cultural and political conversations have changed the dating game. The site just added 14 political questions to its general questionnaire. She breaks down the correlation between people's political leanings and their success on the platform.

Finally, we get a sense of what the site is learning from its user data. The DTF campaign reflects that fewer than 10% of users say sex is the best part of dating. Over 80% of members say they're looking for more meaningful experiences from dating.

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