Three-time Olympic medalist Elana Meyers Taylor was with Cheddar to discuss her journey to becoming the most decorated female U.S. bobsledder in history. Meyers Taylor showed off her shiny new silver medal that she just won at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Meyers Taylor took us through her wild athletic career that began with taking a swing at making the Olympic softball team. When she didn't make the team, she was determined to find a new sport. That new sport was bobsled.

Bobsled is a "huge technology sport," according to Meyers Taylor. The athlete explained the tech that goes into routine and preparation. She said she uses apple technology quite regularly to analyze the runs. Meyers Taylor also talks about integrating A.I. into judging at the Olympic games. She thinks it could allow competition to be more fair. In a lot of judged sports, there's controversy whether human eye can catch everything and whether they can be completely objective, Meyers Taylor added. In bobsledding, she said she’d like to see more information provided around what’s going on in the sleighs.