By Carlo Versano

Some history was made in Texas last weekend, and you may not have heard about it.

At 18 years old, Colton Herta became the youngest driver to win an IndyCar race when he passed the checkered flag at the IndyCar Classic in Austin. That win also turned George Steinbrenner IV ー the grandson of the famous New York Yankees owner and already the youngest owner in IndyCar at the age of 22ー into the youngest ever owner of a winning car.

Speaking to Cheddar on Thursday, just as the Yankees were preparing to open their season in The Bronx, Steinbrenner demurred on the symbolism of the win, saying just that it "does a lot for our confidence."

Herta was more garrulous. "I'm still coming off of Cloud 9," he said.

Steinbrenner, whose father Hank is the co-owner and chairman of one of the most bankable sports franchises in history, said that despite his famous last name, he always wanted to make his mark somewhere outside of the majors.

"I figured that we had baseball pretty well covered," he said.

He got the racing bug from his mom's side: his uncle is an IndyCar engineer, and a cousin used to drive.

Steinbrenner's team, Harding Steinbrenner Racing, was only formed last year.

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