By Samantha Errico

Since a Supreme Court ruling in May, seven states have legalized sports betting ー and Adam Small, the CEO of gambling magazine USBets thinks Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana may be next.

"We have a whole bunch of states that are interested, 20 to 30 states that could be looking at passing laws," Small told Cheddar Tuesday.

On May 14, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Murphy v. NCAA, a law from 1992 that banned sports betting in most states. Since then legal sports wagering is up and running in seven states: Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Rhode Island.

According to Small, each state has its own discrete legal requirements ー which may slow the path to legalization in certain regions.

He predicts that big-name companies like ESPN will eventually enter the market ー especially from Small's vantage point at the ICE Sports Betting USA conference in New York City.

He added that mobile and online operators are generating the most revenue from legal betting thus far.