Oded Ben-Dov is CEO of Sesame Enable, an app that allows hands-free use of a smartphone or tablet. He discusses how the company was inspired by those that do not have use of their hands. Ben-Dov has a background in tech and gaming. His co-founder, Giora, who had no use of his hands or legs, asked him to create a smartphone that he could use. From there, the two of them created the Sesame Enable app, which allows quadriplegics to text, talk, and surf the web on any Android smartphone or tablet. Ben-Dov notes that he believes Apple will soon catch up with the technology, adding that Google ended up being much easier to work with on the project. Right now, the Israeli-based start-up has hundreds of users for the app but is seeking to tap into the market in the U.S. next. For those with spinal cord injuries or diseases like MS, the app has the potential to change their lives.