Cheddar speaks with two Congresswomen about what, if anything, will move the needle on gun reform after the Parkland school shooting. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) says she's inspired to see so many young people speaking out about gun violence, but she's skeptical any meaningful legislation can pass under the current administration. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) is also skeptical about the prospects of gun reform under the Trump administration, but she's doing what she can to make it happen. Immediately after the Parkland shooting, Maloney introduced a bill in Congress that would make it harder for people with mental health issues to buy guns. Maloney says the gun laws we have in place now are "so lax and so stupid."

In tech news, Apple is reportedly working on new AirPods. The new features will include an updated chip, the ability to call for Siri without touching the earphones, and improved Bluetooth connectivity. The new model is expected out later this year. And Apple is working on another AirPod update for the following year. Those AirPods will allegedly be water resistant.

Twitter alienated conservatives by accidentally freezing their accounts. On Tuesday night, the social media company quietly locked thousands of accounts in an attempt to purge suspected bots from operating on the platform. In the process, Twitter locked accounts of right-wing commentators like Richard Spencer. Angry conservatives began calling the incident "Twitter Lockout." The company defended its actions, saying "we enforce our rules without political bias."

Plus, we're joined by Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer who recently became the first American to medal in the men's singles luge event. He tells Cheddar about what was going through his head as he won the medal at the Winter Olympics. He says he is grateful to all the athletes who came before him in luging and helped paved the way for his success. After his Olympic career is over, Mazdzer says he wants to pursue a career in financial planning. This inspiration stems from seeing how much money his friends and family spent on making their Olympic dreams come true.