Snap Inc. has a message for its employees: if you leak company information, you could go to jail. The chief lawyer and general counsel of Snapchat's parent company, Michael O'Sullivan, warned employees in a memo obtained by Cheddar of the consequences for leaking. A Snap spokesperson declined to comment on the memo.

Amazon announces it will increase prices on monthly Prime memberships by 20%. Monthly subscribers who used to pay $10.99 a month will now pay $12.99 a month. No changes are expected for the annual Prime membership fees.

Facebook recently announced it will change the News Feed to favor posts from friends and family over posts from publishers. Lindsey Shepard, Director of Product Marketing for News Feed at Facebook, joins Cheddar to discuss these changes.

And the clock is ticking for Congress to extend funding and avoid a government shutdown. James Arkin, Congressional Reporter for RealClearPolitics, weighs in on what could happen, and who could be to blame.