The stock market is recovering from a volatile few days, but will the surge last or will we see another downward spiral? After two straight days of decline, the Dow appeared to bounce back. John Petrides, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Point View Wealth Management, joins Cheddar to give his opinion on what's really going on in the stock market. He also shares his advice for millennials looking to make the most out of their investments.

We fact-check President Trump's State of the Union address with Jon Greenberg from Politifact. Greenberg talks about President Trump's comments on the visa lottery program, African American unemployment, and the administration's fight against ISIS. By Politifact's standards, Greenberg says President Trump did worse overall than President Obama has in years past.

The war between AMC Theaters and MoviePass is heating up. The subscription movie service recently removed 10 AMC theaters from its app. O'Connell says it's a bold move considering the app needs theaters to thrive. AMC knows MoviePass's model is beneficial to theaters but is worried about what will happen if the app eventually fails.

Plus, it's our weekly Your Cheddar show, bringing you the best financial tips. We'll discuss how to make money from blogging and analyze the difference between men and women when it comes to investment habits.